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If you are interested in creating a custom bespoke design, then contact us directly so we can help design a wallcovering to perfectly fit the space required. Check out our Custom & Bespoke Design page for more information.


Firstly, measure the width of the space you're wallpapering. Our wallpapers are 100cm wide (unless stated otherwise). Divide the width (in cm) of your room by 100 to work out how many drops of wallpaper you’ll need – it’s better to have extra!

Next, measure the height of your room, leaving out skirting boards. If the wall has varying heights, use the highest measurement to ensure you have enough material, also add an extra 25 cm to this for trimming.

Multiply the height by the number of drops calculated beforehand and this will give you the number of metres required. Also please note that you must allow for the pattern match – always order extra to allow for the pattern repeat which is listed on all our wallpaper patterns.

It’s always a good idea to double check your measurements are accurate by measuring the wall twice.



Painted walls:

If you have just removed old wallpaper or are applying the wallpaper to a painted wall there are a few steps to complete before you can hang your new wallcovering:

Step 1. Fill in any imperfections, holes or cracks with wall filler and once dry, sand down any other patches to create a smooth surface. The smoother the wall the smoother the finish.

Step 2. Clean the wall with sugar soap solution* to remove any dust, grease or oil residue, and dirt. Then leave this to dry thoroughly, it is important this this is left to fully dry so that the wallpaper will stick to the wall when hanging.

*Sugar soap = this is a mild detergent which is useful when preparing walls for a wall covering. Once it has been rinsed away, it won’t leave any residue behind.


Plastered walls:

If you are applying your wallpaper covering to a freshly plastered wall or newly installed plasterboard you will need to ensure that the wall is completely dry (wait 12 months to ensure that the wall has settled) the wall will already have a smooth surface to work with. Plaster is very porous and needs sealing so that it doesn’t absorb the wallpaper paste, this method is called sizing.

‘Sizing’ is a process where wallpaper paste** is diluted with water and then applied to the wall, the process can be repeated with another coat to ensure that there is a barrier to stop the wallpaper paste being absorbed by the wall. This must be fully dry before hanging the wallpaper, the rate of which this will dry depends on the temperature of the room. You should always use the same paste in this solution as you will when applying your wall covering too.


**We recommend using a ready mixed wallpaper paste such as Murabond Heavy Adhesive, Solvite Ready Heavy Mix, Beeline or equivalent to hang your Designer Claret wallcovering. Do NOT use a self-mix paste as the adhesive will not be strong enough for our wallpaper.

At Designer Claret we always advise using a professional decorator to install your wallcovering for a perfect finish (we love Scott Ingram’s work and would highly recommend checking out his professional installs: @scott.ingram.decorating)

Take a look at our 'Wallpaper Hanging Guide' step by step with pictures, download here.


Equipment – Ladder, Caulker (wallpaper applicator tool), Tape measure, Sharp cutting knife, Plumb line or laser level or pencil and measuring guide, Sponge and bucket of clean water, Ready mix wallpaper paste (such as Murabond Heavy Adhesive, Solvite Ready Heavy Mix, Beeline or equivalent), Pasting brush or textured 12mm pasting roller and small paint brush to apply paste.

  1. Make sure that the wall is fully dry and prepped before starting to install your new wallcovering, use a primer to help with adhesion. Double check you have the correct amount of wallpaper by measuring your wall(s) again and check you have allowed enough material for the patten match – listed on all our papers.

  2. Measure 100cm from the corner of the wall that you are starting with, use a plumb line or laser level or measuring guide to draw a vertical line with a pencil. This is a guide to help you hang your first drop.

  3. Evenly apply the wallpaper paste to the wall with a textured 12mm roller, covering the entire area that the first drop will sit and an additional 25cm of the area ready for the next drop. Use a small paint brush to apply the paste around any sockets or fittings and right up to the edge of the skirting or ceiling.

  4. Hang the first drop carefully and slowly on the wall and position it so that you have overhang on the top and bottom, this will be trimmed off later. Make sure that the edge of the wallpaper is aligned with both the wall and the vertical line guide from earlier.

  5. Next flatten out the wallpaper gently with your hands so that the drop is attached to the wall. Using a caulker, smooth out all the air bubbles working from the centre outwards in sweeping motions for a smooth finish.

  6. Repeat this process with the next drop, matching up the pattern.

  7. Once you are happy with the pattern match then use a spirit level or other measuring guide to cut a straight line with a sharp cutting knife on the wallpaper to reveal a neat splice and the pattern matched perfectly. This method is called splicing and gives a neat finish when applying wallpaper, there is a 25mm overlap added to all our wallpapers for splicing and the perfect finish – see Papergraphics install video OR OPT FOR A PROFESSIONAL DECORATOR!

  8. After both these drops are applied to the wall use a damp sponge to wipe the surface of the wallpaper. Then cut the excess paper at the top and bottom with a sharp cutting knife trimming the excess so that the wallpaper is sitting snug into the skirting board and flush to the ceiling.

  9. Now repeat this process for the other drops, matching the pattern up with the previous drops ensure to step back and double check that the pattern matchup is correct and the wallpaper is on straight.  

  10. Please note for a mural/scene, each panel will be numbered to indicate the order in which to install.

Enjoy your new wall covering!

Disclaimer: All the information we provide on prep/installation of your wallpaper is given in good faith, but without guarantee as site conditions are not within our control. Please notify us of any faults in the product BEFORE installation as we cannot take responsibility once the wallpaper has been hung.

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