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After installing an eye catching Indian inspired mural in a client’s Warwick town house, Designer Claret was commissioned for a complimentary scene to bring life to the entire dining room! By using our Non-Woven Digimura Flaxen wallpaper in meter wide width double drops; we gave a luxurious feel to the house, elevating its status.

wallpaperd townhouse fire place

The client brief was simple “create a complimentary scene for the mural”. By creating a mountain range inspired from the original mural, we made sure that the mountains were subtle, in the background and not overpowering. The mountain range was digitally drawn by Rhoda, using software that allows freehand drawing for an authentic finish. Foliage from the original mural was then added, using the same colour scheme pulling out hues of mauve and taupe from the initial artwork. This ensured that it did not take away from the Indian inspired mural previously created by ourselves and installed by Scott Ingram (@scott.ingram.decorating).



Success, the client was speechless as they saw the room completed by the mountain tops. “It’s feminine without being too girly” stated the client, they marvelled at their transformed dining room.


Client testimonial:

“I could not be more delighted with the complete transformation of the dining room. From a dull austere room that we hardly ever used, it now has a beautiful and exquisite feel, that works for family breakfast time through to intimate suppers. Thank you so much!!”

town house with luxury tropical mural
panel of luxury tropical wallpaper
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