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Relocating to a larger office, the EVera team wanted to create the perfect environment to go hand in hand with their modern and forward-thinking company ethos.

Custom Woodland mural in ffice space

A seven-meter mural would create the perfect backdrop to the office setting. The client sent over their logo and woodland mural photo – a beautiful scene with beams of sunlight reaching through the branches into the foreground. A large EVera logo was to be placed at the front with a subtle sunshine glow around the lettering.

Seven panels were seamlessly installed across the width of the office wall by Scott Ingram. The finish was flawless, sleek, modern; almost calming – as if you were in among the trees. A true transformation – what an office space to work in!

Some final touches from Peeli completed the space: a large vinyl EVera logo greets you as you walk through the door with several other small logos dotted around the office to continue the theme. In the meeting room, a slick two and a half metre whiteboard vinyl stretches across the wall – polished off with a printed frame and mitred corners.

“Beautiful:” first impressions as the client walked through the door, “the perfect way to continue our branding throughout the space, we’re so chuffed with the new office and the super-fast turnaround!  It’s totally changed the whole feeling of the workspace! Brilliant, just brilliant..”

We thank Warwick Pure Offices manageress Kate for another fantastic referral.

Custom Woodland mural in ffice space
Custom Woodland mural in ffice space
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