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park scene Dementia friendly mural warwick hospital
Victoria Ward bus stop interactive mural

Warwick Hospital’s Victoria Ward provides care for patients with dementia (particularly the elderly). Outside the ward is a long hallway area; magnolia walls and a view of a flat top felt roof create a particularly uninspiring and dreary space. Under 16s are not permitted to enter the Ward, so often meetings with their relatives will take place in this corridor. The Ward staff had been wanting to create a feature of this space that felt interactive and thought-provoking. Their concept of a bold, bright and fun ‘street and park scene’ was a fantastic idea to transform this area.


Upon first meetings with the client, initial plans were sketched to lay out the mural. A nostalgic run of shops was to feature along one side of the corridor, with a green park scene stretching across the other. A clean and simplistic design style was favoured as this would create a modern and nonspecific result, avoiding any confusion that may be caused by photo-montage or hyper-realistic style. It was important to the client to include a purple butterfly and various key flowers, all acting as symbols for different areas of care found in the Ward. This vector style flora can be seen on both sides of the corridor adding a gentle reminder to all.


Careful consideration of colour played an important role in the design process, selecting hues that uplift rather than trigger patients. Drawing inspiration from the soothing influence of nature, we integrated familiar elements to alleviate stress and anxiety. We focused on using greens and blues for the park scene which mirror the serene outdoor environment. Green is the easiest on the eyes and is usually the last colour dementia patients lose the ability to see, lime-green is one of the most vibrant tones that individuals can perceive as they age. Blue has a restful and calming effect that can help patients feel tranquil. By incorporating a variety of blues, this brings peace and allows individuals to relax. In combining these shades we promote a peaceful atmosphere, effectively reducing blood pressure and anxiety to create a comforting space for patients. Forget-Me-Not Park is home to a variety of animals: dogs, ducks, swans, squirrels and more creating a safe haven by using aspects of nature.


For the shop side, we used the colours of well-known logos that represent each shop, incorporating these into the storefronts and items displayed in the windows. This detailed artwork showcases several hidden gems: old classic books, retro sweets and a bus timetable that features local areas to enhance the sense of familiarity across the wallcovering. We utilized old Victorian-style shop facias found throughout Warwickshire to evoke memories for patients, blending this architectural style with a modern twist to create the vibrant Fusilier Footpath. A printed zebra crossing laminated with our R9 slip-rated solution leads to an interactive bus stop. The lively shop scene offers an engaging environment as well as patient dignity through printed window manifestations that block out unwanted views whilst adding to the artwork.


It’s not just the individuals in Victoria Ward who use the corridor but patients from surrounding wards are encouraged to practise recovery walking and breathing techniques in the space. Now with an exciting scene, everyone can benefit from the vibrant and immersive design!


By collaborating with Art Consultant ‘Art Contact’ who have extensive knowledge in healthcare in both NHS and private settings, we were able to create an immersive space. We also took inspiration from local landmarks in Warwickshire such as the Bandstand in Jephson Gardens, Warwick Castle and the Barclays Bank in Stratford on Avon, all offering reassurance for the patients. Every aspect of the artwork is a talking point: from the interactive bus stop to "What’s your favourite sweet in the sweet shop?” all allowing visitors to build a relationship with their loved ones.


“Thank you so much for all that you have done for the Victoria ward corridor design 'Forget-Me-Not Park and Fusilier Footpath'. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you both and all the input that you have provided to achieve this. The finished result is amazing.”


- Kam Madar, Service Manager

post office Dementia friendly mural warwick hospital
Dementia friendly mural warwick hospital
Sweet shop Dementia friendly mural warwick hospital
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