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A thoughtfully designed interior space provides a soothing atmosphere which has been proven to reduce the anxiety of patients. We have been delighted to work closley with Warwick Hospital to create and install various wall-coverings across the MacGregor Ward, most recently - the Blossom Suite. 


In the Quiet Room, a beautiful triple drop repeating scene, displaying Diane Maybey’s delicate blossom artwork. The soft and subtle design displays a variety of green and pink tones which complement the soft furnishings. While branches reach out and hold the space, petals give gentle touches. An acrylic print of coordinating florals finished the wall decor. By using green tones, we have produced a safe haven named ‘Blossom Suite’.

Our wall-coverings for hospital interiors are printed onto Digimura smooth paper – a wipeable media containing a biocide to provide antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. A backing ensures for excellent impact resistance and durability in high traffic areas. Printed with odourless, water-based inks guarantees the ideal solution for wall-coverings in healthcare spaces.

al macgregor ward custom wallpaper
The blossom suite warwick hospital macgregor ward custom wallpaper
al macgegor ward custom print
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