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After reviewing our samples, our client loved the luxurious feel of our non-woven wallpaper; she adored the ‘Cabbage Print’ pattern in claret but had just one minor concern …the rest of their Warwick tapas bar "Bonito" was in a particular shade of blue – Prussian Blue and it was important to the brief that this be an exact match, as it was particular to the "Bonito" brand. The Claret Team took straight to the brief, with the support of artist Juliet Bawden, we matched the Prussian Blue and offered up a range of cabbage samples for our client to select.

Designer Claret Cabbage print wallpaper installed

They wanted a complete a complete transformation of their underwhelming powder room. They decided on blue cabbages on all four walls – a statement room to match the refit of the rest of the bar that had already happened. With the stunning new coverings on the walls, the untreated wooden vanity unit would have seemed a little out of place, it was turned around in a matter of minutes with our woven vinyl material. Seamless transitions from walls to furnishings with our colour and pattern matching over the two materials – flawlessly installed by Scott Ingram (@scott.ingram.decorating).

A complete revamp of the power room and the client was delighted: “Fantastic and prompt service, with great communication between ourselves where the Claret Team understood Bonito's needs and instructions.  Indeed, the finished product exceeded our expectations – we wanted the powder room to have a unique 'Wow' factor that met the Bonito brand proposition and the Claret Team more than achieved that.  We could not be happier with the finished product and the service.  Many thanks to the Claret Team – @Bonitouk11”.


We snapped a few pictures to Juliet for the artist’s approval of the install: “Love the blue cabbages! And, it is a little known fact that if you use red cabbage for natural dyeing it comes out a beautiful blue colour.” We are looking forward to her visit next month!

rolls of luxary bold cabbage print wallpaper
cabbage print luxury wallpaper in bold prussian blue
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